In response to requests for the mini-books to be compiled into books we have developed 8 "Big Books".  

Control Theory in Action - Diane Gossen - William Glasser taught us Control Theory after he learned it from William Powers in 1980. This book contains my ideas on the application of this knowledge to achieve a deeper way of thinking. While my roots in Reality Therapy will be evident the material, herein goes beyond what Glasser taught us and in many ways the pursuit of these ideas has resulted in conflict with him.  Mini-books included are Internal Motivation in Action, Self-Evaluation for Quality, Could You Have Done Worse?, Role Playing - Types of Clients, and Collapse Conflict.

Item # 900 - Chelsom Consultants Limited, soft cover, 165 pages.             $25.OO

The Person I Want To Be - Diane Gossen  This book was originally distributed as What is Restitution? in 1995. It was then divided into mini-books as an experiment to help teachers gain this knowledge in small bites. Now we have so many mini books I’ve been asked to recombine them and do so here.   The mini-books that are included are:  Why People Behave, Five Positions of Control, The Restitution Triangle, Restitution Restructuring, and Statistics and Surveys on Restitution.           

Item # 910 - Chelsom Consultants Limited, soft cover, 174 pages.             $25.OO

Building A Quality School - Diane Gossen, Editor - This book is a compilation of practical strategies for teaching and using Restitution in primary and elementary schools.  Mini-books included are The Social Contract, Restitution Basics, I Can Fix It, Tell Me What You Need, Weaving Between the Monitor and the Manager.   

Item #920 - Chelsom Consultants Limited, soft cover, 185 pages.             $25.OO

Heal the Hurt - Diane Gossen  - Besides education, Diane has worked extensively in the areas of addictions, corrections and mental health. This book is a compilation of her learnings from the people with whom she has worked.  Mini-books included are Antidote to Violence, No Coercion, It's Okay To Make A Mistake, Restitution As Restorative Justice, and Easy Does It - Addictions Counseling.   

Item # 930 - Chelsom Consultants Limited, soft cover, 171 pages.             $25.OO

Many Faces of Change - Diane Gossen- This book will be a resource to leaders who are attempting to implement school wide reform in the direction of consensus building and site-based decision making.  Mini-books included Principals Make It Right, Quality School:  What We Want, My Job Your Job, Conditions for Change, and The Planning Room.  

Item #940 - Chelsom Consultants Limited, soft cover, 182 pages.             $25.OO

Restitution For Teens - Diane Gossen - This book is a "how to" book full of practical ideas for Middle School and High School students to learn to manage their own learning. I am honored to present these authors to you for they have been my teachers - Diane Gossen  Mini-books included are Inside the Circle, NEEDS:  Necessary Educational Developing Success, Restitution and Control Theory in the High School, CT for High School English Teachers, and  Teachers Talk Restitution.  

Item # 950 - Chelsom Consultants Limited, soft cover, 179 pages.             $25.OO

Self Designing Discipline - Diane Gossen - This book outlines many activities for teaching  Control Theory and Restitution to youth.  The mini-books included in the book are Control Theory Workbook, Why I Do What I Do, Resolving Conflict Using Restitution and The Behavior Car.  

Item # 960 - Chelsom Consultants Limited, soft cover, 144 pages.             $25.OO

Reinventing Yourself

Item # 500 $17.00 CDN $15.00 USA

In Pursuit of Happiness

Item #540 $17.00 CDN $15.00 USA

Teaching Control Theory in the High School

Item #600 $15.00

Literature Connections for Using Restitution – Marlene Belliveau

Item # 601 $20.00

Quality Time For Quality Kids

Item #640 $20.00


Teach Them To Be Happy

Item # 650 $17.00 CDN $15.00 USA

In Pursuit of Happiness Teacher’s Guide

Item # 670 $20.00

Teen Class Meetings

Item # 770 $10.00

Steps to Success – A Student’s Guide to Restitution – HS – Joel Shimoji

Item # 771 $10.00

My Quality World Workbook – Carleen Glasser

Item # 790 $15.00

Making Sense of Behavior – William Powers

Item #820 $25.00


Don't Fight Make It Right - Diane Gossen, Editor - Presented in this book are five mini-books that share stories and plans for teaching the ideas of Restitution at all levels - student, parent, school, district.  Included are Becoming A Restitution School, It Ain't Workin', So What's My Plan?, Peer Coaching Without Coercion, My Child Is A Pleasure Workbook, and Helping Friends Help Friends.

Item # 970 - Chelsom Consultants Limited, soft cover, 188 pages.             $25.OO





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