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Diane Gossen



Diane Gossen from Saskatoon, SK has been an elementary teacher, a high school teacher, a special education teacher and the director of an alternate school for EBD students.  She has been a Phi Delta Kappa’s Gabbard Institute presenter and a speaker at the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development Conferences in 1998 and 1999.  She has presented at the Canadian Guidance and Counselors Conference, the Canadian Council for Exceptional Children Conference, the Canadian English Teachers Conference, the National Native American Bilingual Education Conference, the Learning Disabilities Association of Quebec International Conference, the Austral-Asian Cooperative Learning Conference, the Canadian Montessori Teachers Annual Conference, Institute for Reality Therapy, Control Theory and Quality Management International Conferences, the Minnesota Educators Association Conference, the North Dakota Principals Conference, and the first annual International Quality School Consortium Conference in Croatia.

Diane was on the faculty for the University of Saskatchewan 1973-75 in the Educational Curriculum Department and Graduate Studies Special Education Department.  She was an assistant professor for Brandon University 1976-79.  She supervised teacher training field experience component for the Gabriel Dumont Institute for First Nations teachers 1983-86.  She has been an adjunct professor at LaVerne College in California and Hamline University in Minnesota.   For twenty-five years she has been a senior faculty member of the Institute for Reality Therapy, Control Theory and Quality Management and the International Association for Applied Control Theory.

Diane served as the coordinator of training for the Saskatchewan Department of Justice from 1980-1981.  She has been a consultant with the Saskatchewan Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission, National Native Alcohol and Drug Commission, Saskatchewan Department of Family and Youth Services, and the Saskatchewan Young Offenders Program.  She travels extensively and has presented in Canada, the United States, Australia, Japan, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Ukraine, Croatia, Slovenia, Indonesia, Iceland and India. Most of Diane’s work involves assisting districts in the school change process over several years.  In the past year she has been in 72 districts in the United States.  

Diane is the author of It's All About We:  Rethinking Discipline Using Restitution, Restitution:  Restructuring School Discipline, the Restitution Facilitator’s Guide, My Child Is A Pleasure, and the co-author of Creating the Conditions:  Leadership for Quality Schools all of which have been translated into French.  She has written and published thirty training guides for teaching self-discipline.  She is featured on the Restitution Staff Development Video Series and the Restitution For Teens Video Series.   The Video Journal of Education’s package titled, Dealing With Disruptive and Unresponsive Students focuses on Diane’s work in school districts in Canada and the United States.  She was the creative consultant to the Canadian award winning, Monday, Marbles and Chalk, an eight part video series on class management. ASCD has been distributing the book Restitution:  Restructuring School Discipline for over two years. Phi Delta Kappa has been distributing the Restitution Staff Development Video Series.


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