Course: Restitution

Unit: Quality World

Lesson: Silhouettes


Learning Outcomes

·         The students will be able to create a visual picture of their Quality World.




  • The students will be able to illustrate and/or write about what is important to them and others.



Connection to Previous Lessons

  • The “Me Bag” can assist in developing an understanding of the Quality World concept.



Flexible Grouping

  • Independent Project



Activating Strategies: Preparing for Learning

  • Trace student’s heads onto large paper.
  • Teacher talks and writes/draws on their silhouette the things that fill their Quality World using their “Me Bag” as a resource.



Acquiring Strategies: Integrating and Processing Learning

  • Illustrate the people, places, activities and feelings that fill their Quality World on their silhouette. 



Applying Strategies: Consolidating Learning

  • Written response to items drawn on the silhouettes.  The students can reflect on why each item is part of their Quality World.  This can be placed under their silhouettes.  (Flip the silhouette up and read the information)
  • Students can reflect on the ways they are smart underneath their silhouettes (multiple intelligences).



Learning Resources

  • Tell me what you Need –  Page 6



Different Ways of Learning:

  • Presentation of Silhouettes - Visual, Auditory, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal



Home Connections:

  • Students explain their silhouettes to parents.
  • Bulletin Board display for the parents to view during parent night.