Restitution Social Development Starter Packages

Recommended Pre-packaged Book Sets - $35.00

The Person I Want to Be
  • The Person I Want to Be Manual

  • 5 Positions of Control

  • Why People Behave

  • Restitution Triangle

  • Restitution Restructuring

  • Statistics and Surveys on Restitution

From Stormy to Sunny

  • From Stormy to Sunny Manual

  • This Year is Going to Rock

  • How are you Driving?

  • It's All About We Teacher Workbook

  • Difference Between Discipline & Punishment

  • A Student Restitution Workbook

Many Faces of Change

  • Many Faces of Change Manual

  • The Planning Room

  • My Job Your Job

  • Principals Make it Right

  • Conditions for Change

  • Quality Schools - What We Want

Road to Restitution

  • Breaking the Cycle of Disruptive Behavior

  • Louis Riel Lesson Plans

  • Team Building

  • Assembly Lesson Plans

  • Weaving Between Monitor & Manager


Restitution For Teens

  • Restitution for Teens Manual

  • Inside the Circle

  • Teachers Talk Restitution

  • Needs

  • Restitution & Control Theory in the High School

  • Control Theory for High School English Teacher

Self-Designing Discipline

  • Self Designing Discipline Manual

  • Why I Do What I Do

  • Control Theory Workbook

  • Resolving Conflict Using Restitution

  • The Behavior Car

  • Not Too Late to Learn


Control Theory

  • Control Theory Manual

  • Collapse Conflict

  • Self Evaluating for Quality

  • Could You Have Done Worse?

  • Role Playing - Types of Clients

  • Internal Motivation in Action


Heal the Hurt

  • Heal the Hurt Manual

  • It's OK to Make a Mistake

  • Restitution as Restorative Justice

  • Antidote to Violence

  • Easy Does It - Addictions Counseling

  • No Coercion


Building a Quality School

  • Building A Quality School Manual 

  • Social Contract

  • I Can Fix It

  • Restitution Basics

  • Tell Me What You Need

  • Looks Like Sounds Like


Recommended Starter Resource Packs - $100.00


  • Building a Quality School

  • Teach Them To Be Happy

  • I’m Learning To Be Happy

  • Quality World Activity Kit

  • It Ain’t Working (Gr. 6)

  • Peace Table


  • In Pursuit of Happiness

  • Doing It

  • Control Theory in Action

  • Making Sense of Behavior  



  • Self Designing Discipline

  • Restitution for Teens

  • Teaching Control Theory in the High School

  • Peer Coaching  


  • Reinventing Yourself

  • Return to the Teachings

  • Heal the Hurt

  • Helping Friends Help Friends



  • Creating the Conditions Book

  • Creating the Conditions Leader Manual

  • Many Faces of Change  



  • My Child Is A Pleasure book

  • My Child Is A Pleasure video

  • My Child Is A Pleasure audios

  • My Child Is A Pleasure Workbook

  • Parenting Is A Pleasure  


  • Restitution

  • Restitution Facilitator Guide

  • The Person I Want To Be  

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