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Restitution Staff Development Series - DVDs

This is a published fast moving professional training program for educators. It is a complete, video-based staff development program in four modules. Each module begins with well-defined instructional objectives and includes video with supporting text and practice exercises.

DVD 1 - The Shift of Mind (29 minutes)  

Diane Chelsom Gossen explains the basic concepts that Restitution is based on. She role plays the ways we try to control students and explains the effects of "legacies" of each. She contrasts Restitution with other forms of discipline and punishment and explains how discipline and punishment differ.

DVD 2 - The Restitution Triangle (21 minutes)  

This video features role plays that show Restitution in action. These role plays were edited from many hours of video to provide you with clear, concise examples of the principles and techniques.

DVD 3 - Moving Toward Restitution (25 minutes)  

Dr. Judith Anderson, a school principal, explains the implementation process she lead her staff through. She explains the importance of establishing a school wide belief system and shows examples of the actual charts and activities she and her staff used to involve students in the this process.

DVD 4 - The Eight Characteristics (21 minutes)  

This video uses a variety of role plays with elementary, middle, and high school students to illustrate the eight characteristics of a well made Restitution. A multi-faceted role play provides an opportunity for analysis.



Restitution For Teens DVDs