Restitution 1 – Intro to Restitution Self Discipline – Virtual Delivery


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*No pre-requisite

Restitution is a philosophy created by Diane Gossen, based on the work of William Glasser’s Control Theory and the principles of Indigenous Restorative Justice. It provides those working with children hands-on skills to deal with difficult behaviour. Instead of rewards and punishment, Restitution focuses on helping students become the person they want to be. Drawing from current research on the brain functioning, Restitution recognizes that for true learning to occur, the process that children must engage in is an internal one. Restitution teaches youth self-discipline and skills needed to promote independence, critical thinking, and acceptance of personal responsibility for one’s actions.

The course will start with a one hour zoom meeting that will bring our cohort of learners together.   After this initial meeting, participants will receive an email that will provide the information required to log in to the self-directed modules of the course.

The outline of the course is as follows:

Zoom meeting #1    Tuesday, February 7;  9 AM – 10 AM CST
Modules 1-6                Must be completed by February 13
Zoom meeting #2    Tuesday, February 14;  9 AM – 10 AM CST
Modules 7-8                Must be completed by February 20
Zoom meeting #3    Tuesday, February 21; 9 AM – 10 AM CST
Modules 9-10              Deadline for completion:  February 28

Please email if you have any questions!

Facilitator: Rebecca Gray