Trainer Bios

Diane Gossen

Diane has taught Control Theory for the past 20 years throughout Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia. She has been a presenter for ASCD, Phi Delta Kappa Institute, the Austral-Asian Cooperative Learning Conference and International Reality Therapy Conferences. Diane served on the faculties of several Universities and has done training for a broad Range of school -based programs, drug Rehabilitation centers and correctional facilities. She is the author of “Restitution: Restructuring School Discipline”, “My child is a Pleasure” and is co-author with Judy Anderson of “Creating the Conditions: Leadership for Quality School “and Most recently, “It’s All About We”.

Judy Anderson

Dr. Judy Anderson has been an educator in the United States, Canada and Europe for her entire career as a teacher, administrator and teacher trainer. Until this year she has been the principal of Morley Community School for the Stoney Education Authority in Alberta. Judy has been a Restitution Trainer for over twenty-five years and has presented Restitution Workshops in over two-dozen First Nations Communities in five Provinces. Judy worked closely with Dr. William Glasser to establish the Quality School Consortium and was an instructor in the William Glasser Institute. Judy is a co-author with Diane Gossen of the book, Creating the Conditions, Leadership for Quality Schools. Judy lives on Gabriola Island in BC.

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Phone: 952-334-8316

Joel Shimoji

Joel’s career in education spans over 30 years, which includes assignments in the classroom, gym, student services and administration. He uses Restitution to build student strength and independence, create relationships and use an approach that is congruent with 21st century demands.

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Rebecca Gray

Rebecca became hooked on Restitution because it provides an understanding all human behaviour, thus helping in all facets of life.  She has worked as a professional foster parent, a child welfare worker, a behaviour specialist and guidance counsellor in the K-12 school system, and as a student advisor and instructor in the post-secondary system and uses Restitution every day!    

Contact Rebecca:
Phone: 204-848-0402

Karine Rioux

As a Francophone, MĂ©tis, and breast cancer survivor, Karine Rioux has served as a teacher, resource teacher and principal for a quarter-century in elementary. Karine appreciates the beauty of Restitution touching the lives of those around her. Her Restitution journey continues to inspire others as she thinks about the person she wants to be.

Heather Campbell

Heather’s professional journey spans over 32 years. She has taught in the classroom and has extensive experience in resource working with at risk students and children with special needs. Heather has been a restitution and choice theory leader in her schools and her school division. She passionately lives restitution as an educator and in her personal life.

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Phone: 204-770-2415

Deborah Burnside

Deborah Burnside had 36 years of experience (K-12) in Education with a Master’s Degree in Education: Educational Administration and another Master’s Degree in Education: Special Education.  She has been involved with Restitution since 2013, with the opportunity to mentor with Diane Gossen. 

Meemie Kemper

Meemie has been an elementary school educator in the US and overseas for 35+ years. She began working with Diane Gossen and the ideas of Restitution over 10 years ago in Delhi, India, where she spent years training teachers, administration, parents and staff in Restitution at the American Embassy School. The ideas of Restitution deeply impacted her teaching, her parenting and her relationship with her husband as she realized that her job is not to control others, but to control herself! Restitution and Control Theory allowed her to better understand her own needs as well as the needs of her students, children and partner. Utilizing current brain research and applying the power of mindfulness, Meemie finds Restitution has been the most impactful program in her teaching career and loves sharing the ideas with others. She recently left her teaching position in Brasilia, Brazil to pursue coaching and consulting full time. She hopes to share Restitution concepts with schools and parents worldwide!

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Phone: 1 313-699-8889 (USA)