Truth and Reconciliation

Connections to the Indigenous Beliefs

Restitution is a way of living that beautifully fits with the way Indigenous people raise their children. Much of what Diane Gossen created in restitution is rooted in indigenous practice.

It is belief based not rule based and believes that mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow.

Everyone is trying to do the right thing and has the desire to make things right. You look inside for the answers. The students will figure it out. We don’t seek to find fault with others. We accept human frailty as a human condition. Self-discipline is being responsible for your own behavior and learning from it.

We believe in:

  • Reaching consensus and involving all community members in dialogue.
  • Reconciliation and restitution rather than punishment.
  • In treating people with mutual dignity and respect.
  • Focusing on the wider reasons (the needs) and not blaming anyone.
  • Restoring harmony through learning and healing.
  • Encouraging independence rather than conformity.
  • In self restitution or self-evaluation for inner growth and healing. (The answers come from within)
  • It takes a community to raise a child
  • In teaching about belonging, mastery, generosity and independence

An Indigenous grandmother’s description of a Winnipeg restitution school:

“When my son started at your school he had already had a challenging journey. You took him under your wings. You created a safe place for him and had a way with words to calm him. You sincerely cared for your students and families. You have left permanent marks on so many lives”