Workshops and Registration

Restitution 1 – Intro to Restitution Self Discipline
Dates: Monday, August 16, 20 & 24, 2021
Time: 9 -10 AM CST

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Restitution 1 – Intro to Restitution Self Discipline
(no pre-requisite)

Restitution is a philosophy created by Diane Gossen, based on the work of William Glasser’s Control Theory and the principles of Indigenous Restorative Justice. It provides those working with children hands-on skills to deal with difficult behaviour. Instead of rewards and punishment, Restitution focuses on helping students become the person they want to be. Drawing from current research on the brain functioning, Restitution recognizes that for true learning to occur, the process that children must engage in is an internal one. Restitution teaches youth self-discipline and skills needed to promote independence, critical thinking, and acceptance of personal responsibility for one’s actions.

Restitution 2 – Implementing Restitution
(pre-requisite: Restitution 1)

This workshop is for participants who are currently experimenting with ideas of Restitution in their personal lives and at the classroom level. This course is designed to assist teachers and administrators to assess their current practices in their schools and ask themselves, “Is what we are doing now getting us what we want?” This course will outline the ways in which Restitution can impact on the system by using school beliefs.

Restitution 3B – Teaching Control Theory and Restitution in the Classroom (Grades K-8)
(pre-requisite: Restitution 1)

A one day practical “make and take” workshop on how to teach students the philosophy of Restitution and Control Theory. Learn to teach students about the basic needs, how the brain works, quality world, behaviour car, creating a social contract, and much more. Complimentary song book, board games and lesson books included.

Control Theory 1 – Basics
(no pre-requisite)

Restitution is based on the principles of Control Theory. This course is a must for those who want to deepen their understanding of Restitution. Control Theory 1 is intended to be an introductory class for those with little or no exposure to Control Theory. Learn how to tap into intrinsic motivation, which is a key component in creating 21st century thinkers. Learn practical strategies to use in your personal and professional life.

Control Theory 2
(pre-requisite : Control Theory 1)

This 2-day workshop is designed to develop and refine skills in the application of Control Theory. Role-playing and group practices are provided.

Self-Care and Mindfulness – For You and Your Students
(no pre-requisite)

Learn to take care of your mind, body and soul through simple self-care techniques, journaling, and goal setting using your knowledge of the basic needs. Create balance in your personal life and in the workplace. Tools for the classroom provided: Breathing techniques, relaxation exercises, brain gym, attentive listening, mindfulness, yoga animals, use of
humour, and much more.